adventures of opening a coffee shop:

Three weeks in, Still having fun

adventures of opening a coffee shop:

Building a Coffee Bar

16 September 2017

Three weeks ago today at 7:30 in the morning we walked into the shop and began prepping for the day with our fingers crossed. Though we knew people were excited about our opening, we really didn’t know what to expect. We had about 3 hours of sleep behind us, 15+ hours of work ahead of us, and weren’t sure if we would be totally slammed or completely dead.

Around 8:40 we saw two people standing outside our windows and thought, “Hey! We have a ‘line’. That’s kind of cool.” Within the next twenty minutes, something happened that we definitely did not expect. By 9am we had a crowd of about 20 people standing outside. Our pastry delivery was late, we couldn’t sync up our audio speakers, and we hardly had a game plan as we unlocked our door to the public for the very first time.

August 26th was a blur, right from the start. Opening a business has been scary, frustrating, stressful, and tiring. But also incredible, rewarding, and so much fun. It still didn’t feel real, even as we closed up the shop that evening. And we’re happy to say it was a great day! Not only did our friends and family stop in to support us, but actual customers, people none of us knew, came to check our business; something we spent a few years building in our head and a few months turning into reality. 

Opening Weekend  August 26th-27th, 2017
Photos courtesy of Ira Kupersmit

In the three weeks that we’ve been open we’ve met some really great people, had to roast way more coffee than we anticipated, and learned a ton about owning and operating a small business. Despite hardly having our own daily processes down, we took on the challenge of being vendors at the first annual Burlington City River Fest–the same day we knew we’d have to serve the crowds of the Wood Street Fair.

Another blur of day, we opened our doors at 8am, took on a line-out-the-door all day kind of day, and somehow managed to have our booth ready for the start of the festival. We’re still not sure how we managed to do it, but we do know we owe it to the friends and family who helped us through the day–those who ran out to pick up extra bags of ice, those who helped us pack the car to transport everything to the Riverfront Promenade, and those who helped manage the booth while we continued to take on customers at the shop.

With our first few weeks of business behind us, we’re beginning to refine our processes, better understand how to manage our inventory, and have finally found some time to go grocery shopping (though we admit we’ve loved relying on our neighbors, Brickwall Tavern, for every meal of almost every day). We’ve also been experimenting with different flavors and textures of beverages, brainstorming various nitro recipes and coffee mocktails.

~sneak peek!~ keep an eye out for fall drinks featuring cayenne pepper, activated charcoal, and toasted marshmallows.


We’ve also been experimenting with different flavors and textures of beverages, brainstorming various nitro recipes and coffee mocktails.

But beyond simply figuring out ways to better our operations and beyond creating cool drinks in our downtime, we’ve been thinking of how we can really become a part of the community. We’ve got a list of different events and activities we might offer–trivia nights, drink and draw events, coffee education classes, local artwork displays, hosting local performances… let us know if there’s anything you’d be interested in.

So all in all, with many cups of coffee behind us and ahead of us, we’re thrilled to finally be here. We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to become a cornerstone of the city. We’re thrilled to be serving you.




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