adventures of opening a coffee shop:

Building a Coffee Bar

adventures of opening a coffee shop:

Building a Coffee Bar

16 July 2017

Building a coffee bar, step one: stand around for three hours, scratch your head every few minutes in confusion, and begin to panic as you realize you don’t really know what you’re doing. We’ve always considered ourselves to be pretty handy people but building a coffee bar for actual commercial use is… very different.

Having three weight-bearing columns right in the center of your bar space added even more of an incline to that uphill battle. We’ve come to realize that some things you can do by yourself. Others you simply can’t.

Initial Layout Planning

April 2017

We say it almost every time we step into the shop… we owe an endless supply of coffee and gratitude to the team at Ink Design Concepts, of Jobstown, New Jersey. While we had some idea of the style we were after, we weren’t quite sure how to construct it – let alone do so within our budget. Owner, designer, and carpenter, Ira, was able to take the style and personality of Evermore and infuse it within a bar that is all its own. By using reclaimed lumber, we were able to create a structure that is environmentally friendly, something that was important to us. We also were able to mitigate the cost of some materials.

And remember those three columns? They became the least of our problems. Throughout the buildout process, we’ve gotten to know our shop pretty well and we’ve come to appreciate its little quirks, even its uneven flooring. While you don’t really notice it simply walking around the shop, it became very noticeable as we began constructing the frame of the bar. Though it meant a little more time needed to be spent making sure everything was level, Ira and his apprentice, Kyle, did a great job and we wound up with something beautiful.

Ira came up with the idea of using the chevron pattern along the front of the bar, as well as the diamond design on the outer corner. These details really add dimension to the front of the bar, making it stand out against the typical rustic-meets-industrial style. We couldn’t be more thrilled with the results.

Not only did we gain an awesome bar in working with Ink Design Concepts – we gained some friends. Ira has continued to lend a hand throughout the buildout, from helping to hang our awning to offering advice as we build our tabletops. We really can’t say enough good things about the team and we can’t wait to show off their work in the upcoming weeks.


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